Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse May 20, 2012

I was able to capture a quick time lapse of the Solar Eclipse tonight.  My Canon Rebel XT with a 300 mm zoom lens and a welding hood placed over the lens made for a great spur of the moment telescope!
I took a picture every 3 seconds and use a 1/50sec exposure, f5.6, ISO 100

Magic on the Sidewalk

The chalk art festival in Bountiful, Utah is sponsored by the Joy Foundation which “help[s] local youth to discover talents, develop confidence and overcome adversity through arts.”
It is in it’s eight year but I didn’t discover it until last year when a friend and I were running on Main Street in Bountiful and saw the chalk art going up.
This year the festival ran Thursday – Saturday and a big rain storm was forecast for Friday.  Although the artists covered their work in plastic much of it was damaged.  Some left it as it was and it created interesting textures in their art.  Other’s touched up their work where it had been damaged.  And a few cleaned the sidewalk and started all over again.
Here is one of the pieces that was damaged by the rain but not so much that it needed to be repaired. You can see the striated lines where the rain soaked plastic pressed down onto the chalk art.
Here is a piece by Stacy VanArsdale that was partially completed before the rain started.

And here is the same piece after it had been completed and the damage from the rain fixed.

This artist started all over again after the rain storm.  Here is the beginning of her work on Friday evening.

And here is the finished art work which won the Adult 1st Place.

The Avengers was a common theme at this festival and this piece won the People’s Choice Award
The Hunger Games was also a common theme.
There were also a lot of zebra’s.  All of them very colorful!

This was one of my favorite pieces.
This piece made me laugh right out loud when I understood the perspective from which it was drawn.
There was a lot of great creativity in design.
This one was captioned “Picasso’s Guernica meets Toy Story 3.” 
I love how this artist integrated the man hole cover into the classic Van Gogh work of Starry Starry Night.
There was also a lot of space for young and old artists alike to create their own works after being inspired by the artists’ work.  It was really fun to walk along and see all of those creations.