Wednesday, March 21, 2012

中国 – Zhongguo – Center Country

I was intimidated by China before going. Part of this was because I had so little information about the OT work we would be doing. But much of it was because I expected China to be so different and foreign from what I had experienced before. While in China I was frequently amazed at how normal and comfortable it felt and how easily I adapted to the little differences, like the weave of buses, cars, bikes, and people that comprise a city intersection. I called it “threading the needle.” You find that one space amidst all the traffic and move yourself through it. Chinese intersections truly are an amazing phenomenon of instinctual organization in a seemingly chaotic space.

This is a time lapse video that I took on the path to the Qing tomb museum/Terracotta Warrors, at a Beijing intersection, the Great Wall, and the Yuyuantan (park) in Beijing.

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